SEO is becoming increasingly important as more businesses are aware they need it to get found online. Luckily with Contractor Marketing Solutions we have all your Contractor SEO 2018 bases are covered so you don’t need to worry about it – especially with Contractor Marketing Solutions SEO Services in your tool belt. However, as more website owners become SEO experienced, keeping up with future trends is critical for you to stay on top of google searches so you rank in google search.

So it’s time to dim the lights, cue the dramatic movie trailer voice and get ready, as next year in SEO is looking pretty futuristic. With search engines getting smarter, Google answering more queries directly on results’ pages and the increase of voice-activated search, some are worried their optimization strategy may need to change drastically. But unless bots decide to take over the world and destroy us all, the upcoming trends won’t necessarily harm your site’s SEO. Search engines like Google and Bing are learning to understand content better and are aiming to satisfy users’ needs as best as they can. This is exactly what you should have in mind if you want your website to rank higher in search results next year.

Let’s see what interesting Contractor SEO trends 2018 has in store for us, and what you can do to be ready:
More Websites are HTTPS!
HTTPS is the protocol that ensures your website is being viewed over a safe connection. To be able to add an S to an HTTP web address, one needs to acquire a so-called SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certificate. This will make it possible for a site’s visitor data to be encrypted and secured. Google has made it clear that having HTTPS is a really important, and the search engine results page (SERP) shows it too. Back in June of this year, 55% of sites on page one of Google were secure, according to the leading publications. It’s forecasted that by the end of 2018, this number will increase to around 66%. Also, the Chrome browser has started implementing warnings on sites that are not HTTPS. This can affect a user’s a poor experience, and keep them from browsing your site or hiring you for that next big project. To rank your business in google search rankings you need HTTPS!

What now?

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