local seoAre you looking for ways to improve your ranking on Google?
Want to know the key SEO considerations when optimizing your business website?

Here are some on-page ranking factors that can lead to success:
Content Length
Sentence Length
Reading Ease
Sub-Heading distribution

Readability and User Analysis:

      1. Content Length: Keeping your pages at 2000+ words. While many would think less words are better, when it comes to an SEO local seoranking it is actually more beneficial to have 2,000+ words.
      2. Reading and Visibility: With your 2,000+ word count you want to make sure you’re creating content that is reader-friendly. You want to use readable fonts, no spelling mistakes, and easy to understand language.
      3. Avoid Passive Voice: Limiting passive voice in your content greatly improves your SEO rankings. For example instead of saying “A book has been bought by me” you should say “I have bought a book”
      4. Sentence Length: Google recommends that only 25% of your sentences should have beyond 20 words.
      5. Proper Sub-Heading Distribution: Using proper H1, H2, H3 tags after 200-300 words. Your paragraphs should actually not exceed more than 100 words. Breaking up your content makes it 100% easier to read. No one wants to read a term paper on a website especially if they are reading from a mobile device.
      6. Use Transitions Words: The absence of transition words like “Additionally”, “Next”, “First of All”, “So”, “indeed”, and “Similarly” in your writing makes the piece harder to read and relate to.
      7. Include Visuals: Always include visuals in your content. This can be in the form of images, GIFs, graphs, videos, audios, charts, polls, infographics, etc. Visuals can also make your content more engaging, add a flow to your work, provide examples, and help break up text.