Pretty much all SEO tactics can be put into one of three categories:local seo
  • On-Page SEO
  • Off-Page SEO
  •  Technical SEO
So what is the difference between these 3 categories?
  1.  On-page SEO covers the tactics that you use on your site that help search engines to better understand and rank your content. This includes:
      1. Site Content
      2. Title Tag and Meta Tag Optimization
      3. H Tag Optimization
      4. Internal linking
      5. image optimization
  2.  Off-page SEO includes the tactics that relate to the activities carried out away from your own website. The main off-page tactic is considered to be link building. This also includes:
      1. content marketing
      2. social media
      3. appearing on podcasts
      4. landing reviews
      5. building local citations
  3. Technical SEO covers the things that directly impact the indexing and crawling of your site by search engines. It is argued that this should fall under on-page SEO, but it is also widely considered as a discipline in its own right. This includes:
      1. site speed optimization
      2. structured data
      3. canonicalization
      4. hreflang
      5. XML Sitemap