Do you know what SEO is? Search Engine Optimization is the ability to optimize your websites content and keywords so that search engine “bots” can easily read your content and with the goal to rank higher in Google. With more people searching businesses on smartphones it is time to invest in SEO. In fact, a good portion of those searches are geared to local businesses. How many of the local searches are searching for services related to your contracting business? Maybe you are not an SEO expert but today, there are more experts you can work with such as Contractor Marketing Solutions, to help you stay ahead of your competitors by making your business visible online, at the top of the page,  so that it can be found by potential clients. Below are the top reasons why SEO is good for contractor’s.

1.SEO works

A proficient website that is easy to navigate and gives a good user experience is exceptionally significant as it is the first place a potential customer or client will visit. The mixture of an educational and user- friendly website will bring in more leads, phone calls, sales, and eventually revenue.

It must be done properly to deliver endless and consistent traffic to your site. Google regularly updates their algorithm to keep businesses honest. If you work with an SEO expert, there is no need to be concerned about these issues. To achieve the goal of getting to the top, you must be ready to invest in a service that works well because it takes alot of time and effort to get you to the month. Depending on the competition for the keyword it could take anywhere from 3-12 months to get you to the top of page one for your most desired keyword.

Apart from driving more traffic to your website, SEO helps to ensure traffic is highly targeted based on related keywords and search phrases. SEO experts are able to develop a search engine marketing plan by finding out relative keywords and phrases that are highly researched terms associated with your business and location. Wouldn’t you want to have a website that appears at the top of search engine result pages? Note that customers usually trust businesses that appear at the top of search engines result from pages. An SEO expert or company like, Contractor Marketing Solutions, will help to place your website at the top, delivering excellent traffic which results in more leads and more sales and ultimately more profit.

2. Customers are doing research before purchasing
Technology has advanced and more than 80 percent of customers are using electronic devices such as Smartphones, tablets as well as laptops to research your contractor services online before scheduling an appointment. From that observation, merely having a well-designed website is only half the work if you want to grow your business and find new prospects.

Remember when customers are searching they are searching for services and if your business is not visible online it won’t be possible for you to achieve your goals. SEO is good as it helps in filling out your website with helpful, appropriate content. Apart from enhancing the visibility of your business, but guests are likely to become customers after researching appropriately optimized websites.

3. Cost-effective
Let’s face it, how much does advertising cost your business trying to drive leads with other mediums? Many contractor marketing companies will offer monthly seo packages at different levels for you to choose from based on your budget. If you invest in SEO and it is done the right way, you will be rewarded by Google. It is not a set it and forget service. SEO must be worked on consistently and with a strategy based on the keywords you are trying to rank for.

If you are looking to grow your business by driving more leads and are in need of search engine optimization services (seo) call on the experts at contractor marketing solutions. Fill out the form on this page and we will get back to you asap!